WSLCB Approved Rules June 10 2015

WSLCB Approved Rules June 10 2015

Emergency Rules
The Washington State Liquor Control Board filed Emergency Rules with the code Reviser’s Office to revise current recreational marijuana rules.

The Board approved emergency rules for WAC 314-55-010, WAC 314-55-017, WAC 314-55-018, and WAC 314-55-077.

These emergency rules clarify the types of marijuana-infused products the Board will allow marijuana processors to produce and marijuana retailers to sell to consumers. They also include a requirement for the Board to approve all marijuana-infused products, packaging and labeling; new definitions; a prohibition on conditional sales, and prohibited practices between tiers.

These emergency rules are part of the permanent rules adopted by the Board on May 20, 2015. However the permanent rules do not become effective until June 20, 2015 and emergency rules are needed until the permanent rules take effect. The emergency rules become effective today June 10, 2015, and expire June 20, 2015.

This notice and the rule language can be found on the WSLCB website.


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