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Cannabis Business Licensing & Permits

Cannabis License ConsultantsOur cannabis license consultants advise on medical cannabis, adult use, and industrial hemp licensing and permit processes.  The process can be similar to State applications.   State applications can simply be the final destination due to requirements by the State where you’re submitting your application.  With experience in adult use States and local jurisdictions, where merit is not an issue, the process is altered a little but remains similar.  In most medical markets a State application is filed, then local applications for licensing and permits.  In adult use States this may vary some if you’re already operational. If this is a new venture you will typically submit through the State first or simultaneously with your local departments.  You may be required to provide a temporary permit or a land use approval form from your local jurisdiction in order to apply for a State cannabis application.

With many local processes it can be time consuming and challenging.  If you’re one of the first businesses to go through the process, more than likely you will encounter even more challenges.  This is why we mention moving through State applications, local permitting and licensing in a timely manner can prove invaluable.

When the exciting day arrives when every thing is completed and signed off your final step will be State inspection and licensing. You should generally receive your local license/occupancy permit and then your State marijuana or medical cannabis endorsement.

Again each project is unique as well as each State and local authority implementing cannabis regulations, you will want to check with them to see what is required and allowed when applying for your cannabis business.

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