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Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Commercial Medical Marijuana CultivationNo matter what version you want, adult use marijuana or commercial medical marijuana. The cultivation facility is where it all starts.  Whether you want to create the best quality indoor or the most sustainable sun grown cannabis.  Each style is equally important and vital for the success of this new industry.  In States with restrictive regulations and limited licenses, it can even provide challenges for how you decide on cultivating.  There are a ton of factors involved in any scenario and there isn’t one best way.  This is where experience will lend a significant hand.  Typically the biggest challenge is implementing industry standards and equipment while staying within a budget, and the smaller the budget the bigger the challenge.

Some of the cultivation services we offer are complaint practices on IPM (integrated pest management).  Each State is different and it is important to verify each product is allowed for the cultivation of cannabis.

The curing and storing processes. We know certain material will be treated differently and for different reasons, but if the material is properly cured and stored correctly, the shelf life and quality of the material will be far more superior.

Feeding and plant training processes. The famous feeding chart, we’ll just use the manufactures recommended rates and let the plants do there thing.  We truly wish it was that simple.  This is easily the most arguable topic in cultivation, which product and or products to use to cultivate your plants.  There are a million and all of them say they are the best.  There are a few ways to go about it but we generally go by growing style, budget, and preference.

Cultivation equipment and technology.  Another extremely competitive area for cultivating cannabis.  There are a lot of greenhouse, fertigation, lighting companies and the list can go on.  Picking quality and reliable equipment the first time will generally pay for its self ten times over.  Implementing technology when applicable and affordable can be equally rewarding.

We provide assistance for all tiers and cultivation styles whether you’re an indoor, greenhouse, outdoor, and or hybrid type cultivator. We’ve designed over 250,000 square feet of plant canopy and helped implement many different types of projects. See our facility designs page for more details.

Each project is unique as well as each State implementing cannabis regulations, you will want to check with them to see what is required and allowed when applying for your commercial cannabis cultivation license.

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