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Cannabis Real Estate

Cannabis Real Estate | RMMC Consulting | Cannabis ConsultantsWhen searching for cannabis real estate there are a ton of items to be on the look out for.  If your leasing or looking to purchase you can count on a large number of items you’ll need to do your do diligence on.  From zoning to water rights, this list can get extensive and time consuming.

Our advisers have provided assistance on cannabis real estate through a multitude of ways.  We’ve assisted individuals to groups, or real estate firms to real estate investors.  Our projects consist of a wide range of businesses in multiple States where medical cannabis or adult use marijuana laws are in place. Some of our services include determining the quality of the location for the specified business type, development projections, to the potential licensed value. Other services could be in the form of locating and brokering to acquire cannabis real estate.

If your looking for zoning or land use assistance for your cannabis business you can find additional information under our cannabis land use service page.

Each project is unique as well as each State implementing cannabis regulations, you will want to check with them to see what is required and allowed when applying for your cannabis application.

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You can also find additional information through our news and blog site under Applications & Licensing.