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Cannabis Business Marketing & Sales

Cannabis Marketing and Sales - RMMC ConsultingFor cannabis marketing and sales each State’s medical cannabis or adult use marijuana market is different.  Cannabis companies also do not have the luxuries other traditional business have available to them to market their brand and products.  Federal, State, and other company policies make this task an extremely challenging one for cannabis businesses.

When starting or operating your medical cannabis or adult use marijuana business it’s critical to understand your demographics and who your target audience is.  Our advisers can assist with cannabis marketing and sales to provide guidance on market research by territory or geographical area.   We’ve also assisted on sales strategy projects in multiple States for a variety of different businesses and product lines.

If you’re looking for sales application services you may find additional information under our CRM service page.  If you have questions around technology you can take a look under our cannatechnology service page.

Cannabis business projects are unique as well as each State implementing marijuana regulations, you’ll want to check with them to see what is required and allowed when applying for your cannabis business.

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You can also find additional information through our news and blog site under Applications & Licensing.