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Cannabis Business Pro forma Sheets

Marijuana Business Pro-forma - Recreational Marijauna Medical Cananbis (RMMC) ConsultingOne of our first offerings and still remains a core document year over year.  Our template has been adjusted or modified for just about every cannabis project you can imagine.

Our cannabis business pro forma or marijuana business pro forma sheets can prove to be a vital document to help develop your business during your start up stages.  Our pro forma sheets can be used to get an estimate for start up, sales potential and operational costs.  The sheets generally consist of three to four tabs starting with the start up overview, sales forecast, cash flow and any operational itemized expenses if needed.

Our projected cash flow tab is pretty straight forward, the only thing we may do different is break down the personnel in separate areas.  For production and manufacturing expenses we have a separate tab that has our formulas for operational equipment.  This may tell us utility costs, maintenance cost and or any other product costs.  The sales forecast tab is where the magic happens.  This is  a particular area we feel that separates our cannabis pro forma sheets from others.

Whether for retail, cultivation, or manufacturing we have a visually appealing way to show company sales projections.  Not only is the document visually easy to follow our numbers are consistently accurate.  Which in the end, the accuracy of the pro forma sheet is the primary and most important objective.

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