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Cannabis Business Facility Designs

Whether designing a cultivation facility, manufacturing facility or a retail store, we have the experience to help give you the edge.  Over the years we’ve designed a multitude of different projects.

Our cultivation designs have ranged from indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse applications.  Much like cultivating there are a ton of factors involved in any scenario and there isn’t necessarily one best way. Again this is where experience will lend a significant hand. Typically the biggest challenge in designing a cultivation facility is staying within a budget to maximize canopy, and the smaller the budget the bigger the challenge.  You can find additional details on our cannabis cultivation page.

When designing retail environments there are two major identifying factors.  Is it going to be for dispensing to medical cannabis patients or is it intended for sales to adults 21 and over.  Those environments and decor are entirely different, so how do you implement the companies design elements, remain in compliance, and retain efficiencies.  This is a balanced line that if done right can add to your success.

For designing manufacturing facilities things can typically get more complex than cultivation or retail facilities.  From the solvents being used, to the hazard waste being discarded, it can add layers of difficulty to designing and permitting.

Again each project is unique as well as each State and local authority implementing cannabis regulations, you will want to check with them to see what is required and allowed when applying for your cannabis business.

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