Cannabis Business Compliance

Cannabis Business Compliance

The cannabis sector is particularly difficult when dealing with compliance. Compliance can be embedded in every aspect of your business due to how strict regulations and rules are. Compliance checks and audits are a great way to keep in front of any issues potentially putting your business out of compliance.

We are not attorneys and we do not give legal advice when it comes to compliance.  As consultants we also have to make sure our interpretation of the rules are accurate.  Over time on project after project we’ve experienced that in certain areas its better to be redundant in order to comply rather than miss important compliance checks that put you in jeopardy with a warning, a fine or even worst a suspension.  License termination is not an option.

Some of the services we offer for compliance are inventory audits and track and trace audits.  These services essentially look for any inaccuracies within the inventory whether physically on hand and in the inventory room or electronically auditing the seed to sale software for other inaccuracies for errors.  Other areas are security and general operations which you can frequently check to make sure your keeping up with compliance.

Each project is unique as well as each State and local authority implementing cannabis regulations, you will want to check with your State and local authority to see what is required and or allowed when operating your cannabis business.

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What is Compliance?

Certification or confirmation that the doer of an action (such as the writer of an audit report), or the manufacturer or supplier of a product, meets the requirements of accepted practices, legislation, prescribed rules and regulations, specified standards, or the terms of a contract. See also conformance.

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