Oregon marijuana business applications are open and we put together some info

This year is starting off with a big bang for the State of Oregon.  Oregon now has 3 taxed products in its books (see the article here).  Oregon has also now opened its application process (January 4th 2016) to license Labs, Producers, Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers for the first Oregon licensed adult use marijuana [...]

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2015 Biggest Moments in Cannabis

2015 Biggest Moments in Cannabis Year in Review: 2015's Biggest Moments in Cannabis It’s been a year of notable progress for cannabis. Although 2015 was perhaps not quite as eventful as 2014 in major wins for cannabis legalization, this year brought cannabis more and more into the limelight as advocates secured meaningful victories across [...]

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Technology & Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Below is a great article released from our friends over at SURNA.  We feel the same, which is why we felt the compelled to share their article. We’ve been talking about new technology for the cannabis industry a lot this year, so we thought we would take the best of our various [...]

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