Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Gets Updated

///Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Gets Updated

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Gets Updated

OMMP updates

March 30, 2016
To: OMMP Registered Patients, Caregivers and Growers; Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Processors; and Other Interested Parties
From: André Ourso, Manager, Oregon Medical Marijuana Program
Subject: New Bills Passed in the 2016 Legislative Session

In the 2016 Legislative Session, the Legislature passed HB 4014, SB 1511 and SB 1598 that made changes to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act.

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) will need to develop and file temporary rules before any of the legislative changes can be OMMP updatesimplemented.

Medical marijuana dispensaries participating in limited retail sales may not begin selling single-serving, low-dose cannabinoid edibles, and prefilled receptacles of cannabinoid extract
to adult-use retail consumers until OHA has adopted temporary rules.  See SB 1511, section 21(4), which indicates that OMMP shall adopt rules to implement the expansion of early retail


OMMP anticipates having temporary rules ready by early April, 2016.

Some of the changes that will require OHA to issue temporary rules or amend current rules

HB 4014
‐ Removal of residency requirements for growers, dispensaries and processing sites.
‐ Issuance of a temporary receipt upon submission of a complete application for new
‐ Reduction of the patient fee for veterans to $20 with proof of having served in the
Armed Forces of the United States.
‐ Remove limit on number of patients at a grow site address, subject to plant count limits

SB 1511
‐ Expansion of early retail sales to include the sale of one single-serving low dose edible
and sale of one prefilled receptacle of an extract to a retail customer per day.
‐ Stay on plant count limits for growers that have applied to OLCC and for growers that
have not applied to OLCC.

SB 1598
‐ Allow a patient or caregiver to provide marijuana to a processing site and for the
processing site to transfer the products made back to the patient or caregiver.
‐ Allow a person to be designated to report inventory for all growers located at a grow
‐ Allow OHA to adopt rules to implement non-profit dispensaries.


To review the bills passed, please visit our website at: www.healthoregon.org/ommp



OMMP updates

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