OLCC Releases More Audio – OLCC Marijuana Meetings Audio

OLCC Marijuana Meetings Audio

OLCC releases more audio from meetings.

Recorded audio and related materials from the May 28, 2015 Commission meeting are below.



Seed to Sale Graphic

Dispensary Survey Results


​AUDIO (1 of 5)

AUDIO (2 of 5)

AUDIO (3 of 5)

AUDIO (4 of 5)

AUDIO (5 of 5)

Recreational Marijuana Medical Cannabis Consulting (RMMC) is located in Washington State and is Washington’s premier cannabis consulting company for its regulated marijuana market.  RMMC was developed after the passing of Washington’s initiative 502 which legalized the adult use of marijuana for adults 21 and over.  RMMC has been instrumental in assisting small to mid-size businesses in their start up and ramp up stages.  RMMC provides consulting on business development, design needs, and operational processes.  RMMC continues to work diligently with our customers and the State of Washington to help develop and implement industry best business practices. With strong results in Washington, RMMC Consulting is now poised to bring that same success to other States implementing medical cannabis and adult use marijuana regulations.  Our mission at RMMC is to help our clients achieve success by utilizing their business intelligence and incorporating and developing best business practices for their operations. We do this by blending a unique array of expertise to provide accurate and realistic approaches to navigating this dynamic industry.  RMMC provides extensive experience with the impact on profit from designs, equipment needs, operational procedures, merchandising, and many other cannabis tailored areas to maximize your ROI.  RMMC is a National sponsor of the MJBA and a proud member and sponsor of the NCIA.

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