Medical Cannabis Bills (not the you owe me money kind)

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Is SB 6178 common ground for medical cannabis patients in the State of Washington?

Everyone knows Senator Kohl-Welles has been at this for a very long time and was the key player in the Gregoire veto fiasco.

She also has a Bill to establish a Cannabis Coordinating Committee SB6542.

Senator Kohl-Welles

SB 6178


State Rep Cody

HB 2149

[title size=”6″]Home Grow options for Medical Cannabis patients from SB 6178[/title]

(3) The qualifying patient or designated provider shares responsibility for acquiring and supplying the resources required to produce and process marijuana for medical use with up to four other qualifying patients or designated providers. No more than five people may grow under this section and all members so growing must hold valid verification cards and the location where the growing takes place must be entered in the medical marijuana verification program along with the names of the participating patients or providers. Only qualifying patients or designated providers entered in the verification program in association with the location may participate in growing or receive marijuana or marijuana-infused products grown at that location.

(a) If a patient or provider no longer participates in growing at the location, he or she must notify the department and the department must remove his or her name from the medical marijuana verification program in relation to the grow site. Additional patients or providers may not participate in growing at that location until ninety days have passed since the date on which the last qualifying patient or designated provider ceases to participate.

(b) Qualifying patients or designated providers who grow plants under this subsection: (i) May grow no more than ten plants per patient, but no more than thirty plants total. At the location, the qualifying patients or designated providers may possess no more than thirty ounces of useable marijuana.


Another key Bill I feel to keep an eye on is HB2198, which creates a sales tax exemption for Medical Cannabis in Washington.

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