The Marijuana Business Pro forma Template (Retail) by RMMC Consulting

The marijuana business pro forma template for retailers is a simple but effective generic document.  These pro forma sheets can assist in the development of your marijuana retail business.  The sheets will allow you to organize your project and provide an idea on start up costs and other areas.  The template should require minimal changes to meet any retailers needs whether adult use or medical cannabis markets.  If you don’t need any line items you can simply hide it or remove it, but it should not change the formulas.  This is a basic template to assist in the development of your cannabusiness that can help organize and bring awareness to sales revenue and project costs.

You can find the embedded excel document below.


RMMC Consulting has been a trusted advisor for cannabis businesses in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest since 2013. Our marijuana business pro forma sheets are a simple tool for all businesses.  If you would like us to generate a pro forma specific to your project, please give us a call for more details on how to get started.

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