i502 Pesticide updates August 2016

///i502 Pesticide updates August 2016

i502 Pesticide updates August 2016


i502 Pesticide updates August 2016

Marijuana Producers, Processors, and Retailers

Bulletin No 16-04


Date:               August 24, 2016

To:                  Marijuana Industry Members

From:             WSLCB

Subject:          Updated List of Pesticides Allowed for Use on Marijuana

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has recently updated the list of pesticides that are allowed for use in marijuana production in Washington State, based on criteria previously established by WSDA.

WSDA has added 12 pesticides to the list of allowable products, and removed two pesticides because the registration for distribution in Washington was voluntarily cancelled, or because the revised label was no longer consistent with WSDA criteria.

Pesticides containing one new active ingredient (Complex polymeric polyhydroxy acids) were added to the list. Several of the pesticides that were added to the list contain active ingredients that were already allowed for use in marijuana production.

Please check your stock of pesticides against the list to ensure that you are using an allowed product. Marijuana growers can continue to use any existing stocks of the two pesticides that were removed from the list, but no new product can be purchased.


  1. AGM 13027, EPA Reg. No. 1381-256
  2. AZASOL, EPA Reg. No. 81899-4-74578
  3. CARBON POWER, EPA Reg. No. 84846-2
  4. GRANDEVO WDG, EPA Reg. No. 84059-27
  5. OPTIFY, EPA Reg. No. 33270-37
  6. OPTIFY, EPA Reg. No. 84846-9
  7. OPTIFY 500, EPA Reg. No. 84846-10
  8. OPTIFY STRETCH, EPA Reg. No. 33270-40
  10. PRO CANN-CARE SYNERGY+ CONCENTRATE, WA Reg. No. 999500-16002
  11. SNS 217C All Natural Spider Mite Control Concentrate, WA Reg. No. 998660-10002
  12. SPORAN EC2, WA Reg. No. 73512-16001


  1. AZASOL, EPA Reg. No. 81899-4
  2. REGALIA, EPA Reg. No. 84059-3

You can find the complete list of pesticides that are allowed for use in marijuana production, and the criteria used to establish the list, on the WSDA web site: agr.wa.gov/pestfert/pesticides/pesticideuseonmarijuana.aspx



  • For information regarding the registration of pesticides and fertilizers, please contact the WSDA Pesticide and Fertilizer Registration Section.

Phone: 360-902-2025

Email for pesticide registration: [email protected]

Email for fertilizer registration: [email protected]

  • For information regarding how to comply with the pesticide label, please contact the WSDA Pesticide Compliance Program.

Phone: 360-902-2040

Email: [email protected]

  • For any other questions, please contact your Liquor and Cannabis Board enforcement officer.


i502 Pesticide updates August 2016

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