i 502 Application List – Washington Recreational Marijuana Business Applicants

Tuesday marks the day the the WSLCB updates the i 502 application list of Marijuana applicants applying for approval to operate a Marijuana business in the State of Washington.  The updated list can be found on the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board’s website here. Under Marijuana about midway down you will find the link to the weekly updated excel document of applicants or you can click here for that list.

Looking over some of the applicants and their locations, quite a few stand out, as many of them are in unfriendly cannabis jurisdictions or are in areas that haven’t passed regulations yet.  These positions may change in the future, but as of today it’s possible individuals will miss there opportunity on initial approvals. For applicants applying for a retail licenses, with a limit of 334 licenses and the uncertainty of a lottery, the risk of missing out do to location setbacks could potentially be higher.  Our understanding is the WSLCB will grant your license even in a local moratorium scenario as long as you meet the State’s compliance set by the WSLCB.  And because of that applicants applying in jurisdictions with moratoriums will be taking the largest risk.


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