Oregon marijuana news and updates.

OLCC Hemp Product Approval Process

OLCC Hemp Product Approval Process. OLCC Establishes Hemp Product Approval Process Guidelines for ODA Hemp Producers, Handlers and OLCC Licensed Processors Approval Process for Hemp and Hemp Products . The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has created an approval process for hemp and hemp products to enter the OLCC licensed marijuana program. The administrative process [...]

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OLCC License Competitions and Promotional Events

OLCC License Competitions and Promotional Events. Compliance Education Bulletin - Bulletin CE2017-16November 27, 2017The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is providing the following information to: recreational marijuana licensees.The bulletin is part of OLCC’s compliance education.  It is important that you read it, and understand it.  If you don’t understand it please contact the OLCC for help.Failure to [...]

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OLCC Marijuana Packaging & Labeling Updates; Clarification on Strain Names

OLCC Marijuana Packaging & Labeling Updates Clarification on Strain Names The OLCC has updated information for packaging and labeling of marijuana products: Medical & Recreational Marijuana Packaging and Labeling GuideGuide to the Package and Label Pre-Approval Process There is also an update to clarify information on strain names: Guidance on Strain Names [gview file="http://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Packaging_Labeling/PackagingandLabelingGuide.pdf"] [...]

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