About Jon Hofer

Jon Hofer brings over 17 years of combined experience with cannabis cultivation, retail, dispensary operations and business development. Mr. Hofer found success for recognition nationally with a fortune 100 company and has received numerous awards for Account Management and Sales. Jon has an attention to detail and a competitive goal-orientated personality that helps separate him from his peers. Mr. Hofer has been a panelist or guest speaker at multiple seminars and educational events as a subject matter expert on topics from planning and technology to cannabis cultivation and designs. Mr. Hofer continues to be instrumental in the development and operations of small to midsize start-ups in the cannabis sector

Where to get started licensing your marijuana cultivation business in California

CalCannabis Cultivation is a division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).  Over the course of the rule making process they've been able to assembled a very informative website page with all the information you would need to get started.  You can find their website here. For Your State Water Board Water [...]

Oregon marijuana business applications are open and we put together some info

This year is starting off with a big bang for the State of Oregon.  Oregon now has 3 taxed products in its books (see the article here).  Oregon has also now opened its application process (January 4th 2016) to license Labs, Producers, Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers for the first Oregon licensed adult use marijuana [...]

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i 502 Application List – Washington Recreational Marijuana Business Applicants

Tuesday marks the day the the WSLCB updates the i 502 application list of Marijuana applicants applying for approval to operate a Marijuana business in the State of Washington.  The updated list can be found on the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board's website here. Under Marijuana about midway down you will find the link [...]

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